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Are you looking for a new driveway in Fairfax and would like a free, no-obligation estimate? Why not call Fairfax Driveways and Drainage for a free no obligation estimate in Fairfax?

Our driveway contractors have over 40 years of experience fitting new and extending driveways. At the entrance to your driveway, we can create custom-built driveway aprons which can completely transform the overall appearance of your home.

If you need more space at the front of your home, we can convert the front garden into a new driveway area at an unbeatable cost and add curb appeal to your residence in Fairfax.

Our driveway services include laying asphalt driveways, blacktops, tar and chip, resin surfacing, interlock paving and concrete driveways.

Why not call our driveway installers in Fairfax on (571) 749-8180 to schedule a free estimate and visit where we can discuss our driveway services in Fairfax and how we can help you?

Why replace your old asphalt driveway when you can have it cleaned and seal coated to restore its original colour in Fairfax?
Pressure Washing, Paving Sealing, Driveway Restorations, Asphalt Sealing and Cleaning Concrete Driveways in Fairfax
Expert Installation of tar and chip driveways throughout Fairfax, Virginia. We provide unbeatable pricing.
Expert Installation of Gravel and Stone Driveways in Fairfax. A permeable and durable driveway solution for any residence in Fairfax, VA.
Concrete expert stamped driveways and patios throughout the Fairfax area in Virginia. Wide range of pattern and colour choices available.
We offer an unbeatable service for laying asphalt paved driveways throughout Fairfax in Virginia
We are specialists in installing driveway paving in Fairfax with options for concrete paving driveways, paths and garden areas.

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It might be tough to choose a driveway renovation company – especially if you don't know who to trust. Here are a few reasons why you should trust our contractors with your driveway in Fairfax.
  • Free Estimates
  • All Work guaranteed
  • Local to you
  • Highly rated
No driveway replacement or renovation is too large or small for our driveway contractors in Fairfax. We pride ourselves on offering an unbeatable installation service.

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We provide an unbeatable driveway installation service in Fairfax

Fairfax Driveways and Drainage can provide multiple references from previous customers in your area. No job too large or too small with all work fully guaranteed.
Service Service Options
New Driveways FairfaxDriveway renovations, driveway replacements, resurfacing driveways, extensions, driveway aprons
AsphaltAsphalt driveways, resurfacing, blacktops, asphalt repairs, patching and more
Interlock PaversConcrete paved driveways, driveway paving, interlocked driveways, driveway pavers
Concrete DrivewaysWe have options on standard concrete driveways, brushed concrete and imprint patterned concrete.
Gravel DrivewaysPermeable driveways, natural stoned driveways, shingle stone, pea shingle
Resin DrivewaysResin bound surfacing, UV resin, resin bonded, resurfacing and resin pathways
Tar and ChipTar and chip driveways, tar and chip laneways, private roads, resurfacing, hot tar and bitumen surfacing

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