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Patio Installations in Fairfax

Patio Contractors for Fairfax. Affordable Patio Installations With Flagstones, Concrete Pavers and Concrete Slabbing.

Patio Contractors Fairfax

If you want to change the appearance of your garden or patio in Fairfax, why not call the team at Fairfax Driveways and Drainage, over 30 years of experience as patio builders with services for hardscaping, new patios and more throughout the Fairfax region.

Here at Fairfax Driveways and Drainage, we believe we are the best at installing brick and stone patios. Our patio contractors can go through design options with you and provide multiple options to help you choose the best option for the back of your residence in Fairfax.

  • New backyards
  • Patio gardens
  • Patio slabbing
  • Natural stone patios
  • Outdoor seating areas

We can extend patios, replace, renovate, and install new verandas. Our expert installations range from paved patio areas to natural stone patios and Indian sandstone patios. All work is done to industry-approved standards.

From a range of natural stone choices which are laid by hand in concrete beds to using concrete pavers from Techo-bloc to Cambridge pavers. Each patio project is tailored to our customers to ensure the back of your home is beautiful all year round whilst providing optimal function.

We have over 40 years of experience with all-natural and manufactured concrete products. We would be delighted to help advise you on the best match for your patio and garden area. Make sure to view our porcelain tiled patio installations in Fairfax to see more examples of patios we can install for you.


Patio Installations

Beautiful patios are not simply breathed into being. There is a lot of work that goes into designing the perfect patio, and most of it is done pre-installation. These include:

  • Determining a budget
  • Deciding what you do and don’t like
  • Evaluating the area and its limitations
  • Drawing up a construction plan and design
  • Sourcing materials

We will review these options with you when we provide our free estimate to help design your patio.

Our team of patio installers can advise you on what will work best for your patio. It can suggest any additions, such as walling and decorative edging, to ensure that you, the customer, are 100% satisfied. Call us on (571) 749-8180 to schedule a no-obligation visit from the professionals at Fairfax Driveways and Drainage in Fairfax.

If you live in the Fairfax area, including any neighbouring towns, call Fairfax Driveways and Drainage for a free no, obligation quote on installing a new patio or garden area today at your home in Fairfax.

Schedule Your Free Patio Installation Estimate Today!

There is no reason to wait - get a free estimate at no cost to you in Fairfax.
  • New Patios
  • Patio Replacements
  • Garden Paving
  • Flagstones
  • Concrete Slabbing

Patio Installation Work

Fairfax Driveways and Drainage Customer Reviews

Excellent quality work and customer service. The Fairfax crew installed my new driveway quickly, efficiently, and professionally. I plan to continue to use them for any regular driveway maintenance and additional masonry work I have planned.

Martin Volante

Really good experience with Fairfax. They honored last year's estimate & added a walkway at the same time. The masons and the rest of the team were great, talented and professional.

Jim Michaels

The crew of hard working men did a fabulous job on our new driveway and walkway! On-time every day! I would highly recommend Fairfax Driveways and Drainage for any job that u felt you need. Thanks again to the entire team! Awesome job

Patricia Porsche

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