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Tar and Chip Driveways in Fairfax

Expert Installation of tar and chip driveways throughout Fairfax, Virginia. We provide unbeatable pricing.

Bitumen and Chip Driveway Installers in Fairfax, VA

Get a free estimate for a tar and chip driveway in Fairfax from the experts at Fairfax Driveways and Drainage. We can provide you with a FREE estimate on a new tar and chip surface installed by our experts on your driveway, private road or parking area.

It is, without doubt, the number one choice for customers looking to clean up their driveway in Fairfax County but do not want to make a significant investment. In larger areas, the savings can be immense as we can lay it fast using our tar chip machinery.

  • Tar and chip driveways
  • Tar and chip laneways
  • Resurfacing driveways
  • Low cost solution
  • Multiple colours
  • Long term value

Tar and chipping or sometimes known as oil and chip driveways, can be applied to a dirt track, concrete surfaces, asphalt surfaces or directly on top of a base foundation.

Tar and Chip Fairfax


Fairfax Driveways and Drainage in Fairfax are leading contractors for tar and chipping in Fairfax. A tar and chipping finish is when hot tar is applied to a solid base; stone chips are thrown on top of the bitumen tar while still piping desirable to provide an adhesive base for the chipping to stick to. Once the chipping has been spread over the hot tar/bitumen, a vibrating roller is used to securely bond the chipping.

Alongside gravel driveways in Fairfax, tar and chip are one of the more affordable solutions for driveway surfacing. For a hardened version of the stone, we recommend our resin driveways in Fairfax as an alternative.

Make your home stand out today by choosing an affordable option like tar and chip for your home. Tar and chipping in Fairfax can be applied on top of an existing surface which helps to reduce the cost of an entire driveway replacement. (Existing base must be solid and suitable).

If you live in the Fairfax area, including neighbouring towns, call Fairfax Driveways and Drainage on (571) 749-8180 for a free no, obligation quote on installing a tar and chip driveway or roadway area at your home in Fairfax.

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Fairfax Driveways and Drainage can provide multiple references from previous Tar and Chip Driveway jobs, No job too large or too small with all work fully guaranteed.
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Tar and Chip Driveway Work

Fairfax Driveways and Drainage Customer Reviews

Excellent quality work and customer service. The Fairfax crew installed my new driveway quickly, efficiently, and professionally. I plan to continue to use them for any regular driveway maintenance and additional masonry work I have planned.

Martin Volante

Really good experience with Fairfax. They honored last year's estimate & added a walkway at the same time. The masons and the rest of the team were great, talented and professional.

Jim Michaels

The crew of hard working men did a fabulous job on our new driveway and walkway! On-time every day! I would highly recommend Fairfax Driveways and Drainage for any job that u felt you need. Thanks again to the entire team! Awesome job

Patricia Porsche

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